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Brain Concussion

The Human Story Behind Brain Concussion Assessment and Treatment By Dr. Martin Jolicoeur, B.Sc., D.C., Kinesiologist, Sports Chiropractor.

At the end of the 1990s, when I had just set up my practice, I had the opportunity to treat a professional hockey player who had just sustained a major brain concussion during a National Hockey League team’s training camp. In addition to having lost the use of an eye, he also had several facial fractures, excruciating headaches and neck pains.

After several months of intensive treatment in the United States and numerous consultations with renowned American specialists, he felt no significant improvement. With all my attention, we subsequently began a series of treatments. Unfortunately, we had no choice but to admit that our care was only marginally helping him. This particular experience allowed me to understand very early on in my career that nobody really knew how to effectively handle brain concussion patients.

It is at that point that I decided to study the subject and deepen my knowledge in order to change this sad situation. Over the years and based on the experience of my numerous training sessions in neurology, kinesiology and rehabilitation, I started to notice a “pattern” and better understand the mechanisms at the root of brain concussion patients’ symptoms.

However, it is especially my care and treatment of professional hockey player Ian Laperrière that proved to be the cornerstone of my understanding of the disease and, more importantly, my development of my related clinical pathways, which today are highly effective.

I was forced to find rapid, accurate methods for treating brain concussions by caring for Ian throughout his career. (By the way, today he is assistant-head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers.) During his 16-year career in the National League, he played in over 1,000 games, contracted numerous concussions, some of them extensively covered by the media.

Every time, he contacted me and requested that I treat him. He was insistent in announcing that he would come over to my clinic and that I had two days to “fix him up.” Throughout the various episodes, we managed to find techniques and protocols that yielded spectacular results. Indeed, we succeeded in quickly and significantly improving the condition of athletes who wrestle with chronic, severe symptoms.

Thereafter, Ian went public in the Quebec media and, on the NHL’s Web site, wrote about his experience with our care and treatments. In addition, he shared his experience with parents of concussion child patients in the USA who had found no improvement despite thousands of dollars invested with reputed specialists and treatments of all kinds. These desperate parents followed his advice and travelled to Quebec so we could treat their children, who then enjoyed the same excellent results he obtained. Only in the last year, over a score of Americans of all ages and in all sports, from soccer-playing teenagers to professional hockey players, have showed up at my office.

To conclude, through a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical applications as well as the use of high-technology equipment, I am convinced my skills will benefit anyone that is suffering from post-concussion health issues that adds my care and treatment to its therapeutic services offering in order to field a competitive, high-performing team that truly aspires to reaping top honours.


I suffered a serious concussion while playing hockey...I went to see a countless number of doctors all looking at different aspect of the injury. After a year and a half of waiting for my injury to get better, I had minimal results. Headaches where still prevalent along with a number of other symptoms that kept me off the ice and hindered me in all aspects of life. In 2 days receiving care from Dr Jolicoeur I felt near 100%. Three weeks later I was competing in games full contact and the symptoms were all gone. The instant relief I felt was incomparable to anything and anyone I have seen.

Charley Borek

Dr Martin, what you do is truly amazing and I will never forget what you did for me! I made the varsity rowing team at Cornell University and won my first ever triathlon. I cannot believe how far I've come because of you. I pretty much owe you my life and can't express my gratitude enough.

Colby Triolo

Through 16 years in the NHL, I contracted around 10 brain concussions. Even after having consulted the best physicians in the league, Dr. Jolicoeur is the clinician I trust the most to get me back up and going. My last concussion happened as a result of a severe fall from a bicycle only two weeks before my taking part in an Ironman triathlon. After a few days of intensive treatment, I was able to finish the event all smiles and no symptoms! Thanks Doc!

Ian Laperrière, Assistant-head coach, Philadelphia Flyers